Elmsford Chiropractic Health & Wellness Center opened in 1993 to serve the Elmsford community and surrounding areas.

Anyone with a spine and nervous system, will benefit from chiropractic care with us. We provide services for your entire family; that includes newborns and expectant mothers! By receiving regular chiropractic care, your nervous system and entire body will function at its very best thereby giving you the opportunity to live life healthier and to the fullest.

Here at Elmsford Chiropractic Health & Wellness Center, not only can we help you with your chiropractic needs but we can also help you with exercise and nutrition. We offer exercise and nutrition services, using these services combined with regular chiropractic care will give you a well-rounded plan to get you on the road to being healthy and staying healthy.


Our Philosophy

We believe it is our duty to teach our community to live a healthy life. To do this, we use the DREAM acronym to help you throughout your journey to health:




A-Spinal Alignment

M-Mental Attitude.

Following our DREAM philosophy by seeing your chiropractor regularly and incorporating these 5 factors into your wellness plan, you can begin living your life to the absolute fullest.


Chiropractic Workshops & Community Events

Dr. Axelrod and Dr. Cullen are very aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle along with your chiropractic care. We take the necessary steps to educate our patients and our community, by offering regular workshops in our office. Each workshop will focus on a different health topic; therefore, we will continually provide you with the latest information on how to stay healthy and keep your body in its best shape.

We will also work in collaboration with local businesses, schools, and churches to host community events that discuss a wide range of topics, from nutrition to ergonomics.

If you are interested in finding out more about your health and how our services can help you or would like to sign up for one of our upcoming events, give us a call today! (913) 345-6700