Ken B.

"My experience at Elmsford Chiropractic has been nothing less than fantastic. I always feel like I am receiving the best care as well as being greeted by a very friendly group of people. They are always accommodating and without Dr. Axelrod there is not way I wold be able to continue to be as athletically active as I am."

Eunice A.

"I have never felt better. I have not had one migraine since my initial visit for my first adjustment. The entire staff is compiled of warm professionals who care about their patients. I have been sharing my fabulous experience with everyone I know. I truely believe in the treatment of chiropractic and am grateful."

Kevin S.

"I have been a satisfied patient since November 2008, and could not be happier!! I had 2 decades of accumulating subluxations, and when I got here i was in pretty bad shape. I knew immediately it was the right move. I was able to get adjusted and it provided tremendous relief. I have been getting regular adjustments since, and it has improved my situation immensely!"

Audrey C.

"I have been a client at the Elmsford Chiropractic for almost 17 years. Now approaching the age 82 years, I must say that I have experienced a relatively healthy, active lifestyle. Much of that is due to my weekly visits to the Elmsford Chiropractic. After a long life with painful scoliosis and a severe automobile accident in 1995,I have been able to maintain a very good health profile. I highly recommend the Elmsford Chiropractic to everyone seeking a better life!"